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Who is VSApp Incorporated?

VSApp has been developing software for the past 25 years for many different aspects of the business world. We are constantly adapting our software to better utilize the latest technologies available.

All our applications are custom built to meet the needs of each individual situation. If you need a solution that is not covered by our current applications, please contact us with your needs and we will provide a custom solution for you.

VSApp Incorporated currently utilizes two data centres, both located in Toronto, Ontario.

Microsoft Azure Datacentre

Microsoft's highly secure, enterprise grade, hyper-scale cloud is delivered from Canadian soil. Azure customers gain the benefits of Microsoft’s trusted cloud services combined with data residency in Canada. This includes data redundancy in multiple locations within Canada for business continuity.

The Microsoft Cloud is a global leader in compliance with the broadest portfolio of certifications in the industry. Azure has received ISO 27001 certification and are audited under the SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 SOC 1 and SOC 2 standards. In addition, Microsoft was the first cloud service provider to adopt the uniform international code of practice for cloud privacy and data protection, ISO/IEC 27018, which provides guidelines for protection of personally identifiable information.

Tenzing Datacentre

The Data center is staffed 24/7. Entrances and exits are electronically secured and continuously monitored via closed-circuit cameras and is only accessible to qualified network and data center technicians. Raised floors and redundant HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) ensure that servers remain at the optimum operating temperature. An advanced pre-action fire-suppression system protects the data center in the unlikely event of a fire. Power systems in our data center are proven to run uninterrupted even during long blackouts and brownouts. All networking equipment and servers are connected to Liebert Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. On-site diesel generators are tested regularly and can run indefinitely if utility power feeds fail.

To maximize network performance, we use the Peer 1 Clear Channel Private Network to speed connections between key hubs on the Internet in Canada, the United States and Europe. The Clear Channel network links Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago, San Jose, and London with one-hop connectivity. The result is the fastest, most direct connection possible to the public Internet backbone in North America and Europe.